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GM Financial Right Notes® are more than just an investment for you - they are an investment in us. As our demand note program, Right Notes offers a convenient way to personally invest while supporting our customers and dealers.

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Current Rate

Now is the best time to invest in GM Financial Right Notes. All investments earn 5.25%. Compare our rate to what you're currently earning and maximize your investment.


Investing in Right Notes involves certain risks.
Review the prospectus for further details on how interest rates are set.

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Features & Benefits

Right Notes are a flexible investment opportunity that allows you to put aside money while still having access to your funds whenever you need them.

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Higher rates than most savings accounts

$500 minimum initial investment

24/7 access to your money with no additional fees

Daily interest automatically reinvested monthly

Convenient online enrollment & investment management

Additional investments ($50 minimum) are accepted at anytime — including direct from payroll or pension

How to Invest

Whether you’re saving or investing, GM Financial Right Notes are a convenient solution. Right Notes are unsecured demand notes from GM Financial offered in the U.S. by prospectus only. You can add to your Right Notes investment in a variety of ways, including payroll, pension and Social Security direct investments. You can also set up recurring automatic payments from your bank account. See how easy it is to invest.

  1. Confirm eligibility

    Right Notes are available to individuals and entities with a U.S. address and a SSN or Federal Tax ID number, including:

    • GM and GM Financial U.S. employees and retirees
    • U.S. employees of GM dealerships
  2. Understand your investment

    Read the prospectus. The prospectus is the legal document we filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that provides details about GM Financial’s demand note program. This, along with the Right Notes Plan, may help you make a more informed decision.

    Download Prospectus Download Right Notes Plan
  3. Complete the investment form

    Visit our convenient and secure enrollment website to electronically fund your initial investment from your U.S. bank account. (Cash cannot be accepted.)

  4. Invest and start earning

    You will earn daily interest on your principal investment. Your interest will be automatically reinvested to your Right Notes at the end of each month.

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Online Access

Your Right Notes profile and transaction history is available to you anytime, anywhere. Managing your Right Notes investment online is the easiest and most convenient way to track progress, check your balance, and more.

  • Check current rate
  • Review investment balance and transaction history
  • Initiate investment transactions
  • Update profile information
  • Request redemption with no fees
  • Set up Right Notes activity alerts
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Am I eligible to invest in the Right Notes?

Where can I learn more about GM Financial?

Is a Right Notes investment FDIC insured?

How do I contact the Right Notes Service Center?

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Right Notes Plan


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Profile updates, additional investments and redemption options


Creating Right Notes for a trust and trustee updates


Corporate Resolution

Identify individuals who can transact on corporate, trust or partnership Notes


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GM Financial Right Notes
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